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    This Set Of Essential Oils Is Your Perfect Starter Kit

    "I placed an order a month ago, and already reordered it because it was so good."

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    Whether you're having trouble sleeping, you love a good cleaning hack, or you just like to fill your nose with nice smells, essential oils can be super useful.

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    (As long as you don't try to use them to cure illnesses. Also, get advice from your vet before using them if you have pets, especially cats. OK, moving on!)

    If you're ready to take the plunge into the world of ~essential oils~ but don't know which ones to start with, look no further than this set of 16 from Amazon for $22.97.

    Look at all of them! The possibilities!

    More than A THOUSAND people have reviewed this set, which has a solid 4.2 stars (and an A on Fakespot, which tells you if reviews are legit, for extra reassurance). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️,

    That's a lot of people!!!

    What can I do with them, you say??

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    The set comes with a booklet that explains different ways to use them in your home, in your laundry, in a diffuser, for moods and health, and for skincare and beauty. And here's how actual customers put them to use:

    A common way to use essential oils is to smell them before bed to relax into sleep (by dabbing them on your wrists, or putting a few drops on a tissue and tucking it inside your pillowcase), like Amazon user Evangeline Moore does.

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    "I am in love with this product. I actually placed an order a month ago, and already reordered it because it was so good. The smell of the lavender, frankincense, and patchouli soothes me and helps me sleep." —Evangeline Moore

    You could also use them to make your own bath bombs!

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    "I've only used the lavender and bergamot so far for my bath bombs, and they smell luxurious! They came very nicely packaged and all of the bottles were tightly closed and no leakage. The dropper made into the bottles is convenient. I also like the insert enclosed that has recipes for different uses. Definitely will be buying this product again." —Danielle Covington

    Or, add them to a diffuser that'll mist them into the air and freshen the heck outta your home.


    "I bought this for my diffuser. You only need a few drops, but I have almost finished the eucalyptus and cinnamon leaf. I love these scents the most. The peppermint smells really sweet. I bought an acrylic nail polish holder and all 16 fit perfectly." —GENUINE BUYER

    (Pssst, you can get a highly rated diffuser from Amazon for $28.99, and try that organizing hack with this acrylic nail polish holder for $12.99.)

    There are a bunch of clever cleaning tricks using essential oils, too, like adding a drop to your toilet paper roll for a ~spa effect~ or removing permanent marker stains with lemon oil.

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    They can also keep ants and mice at bay, deodorize smelly shoes, and make a great fabric softener. Seriously, there are home hacks galore.

    With these essential oils, you could be on your way to a calmer, cleaner state in no time.

    BTW, here's a lil' beginner's guide to essential oils you might want to check out before you get started with your new set!

    Get the set from Amazon or Walmart for Walmart for $22.97.

    Reviews have been edited for length/clarity.

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