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I Just Learned That Refrigerators Used To Kill People And Now I Can't Go In My Kitchen


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If the substances stayed enclosed, you were fine — but if they seeped through eroding pipes (or if a repairman was super-lazy when he installed your fridge), your lungs would soon meet their match.

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If you're twisted like me and wondering what some of the severe symptoms were:

* Burning sensation in the esophagus

* Vomiting blood

* Decreased mental status

* Difficulty breathing

* Irregular heartbeat

* Loss of consciousness

* Seizures

* Sudden death



Einstein had recently introduced the theory of relativity and won the Nobel Prize, but why stop there? He had some free time, so he teamed up with fellow physicist Leo Szilard to invent a better refrigerator, as you do.


Ultimately, the project was dropped, however, because inventor Thomas Midgley discovered that — rather than design a whole new fridge — Freon gas could simply be used as a non-toxic refrigerant.