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    11 Ways Other Countries Are Nailing This Whole Work-Life Balance Thing

    Four-day workweeks? Count me in.

    1. In Sweden, people practice fika, a twice-daily coffee break during which you simply share a moment, a drink, and a treat with coworkers or oneself.

    2. In 2017, France introduced a law that gives workers the "right to disconnect" from their work email after hours.

    3. In Finland, mothers can start their maternity leave seven weeks before their due date, and stay home for a year with full benefits and salary after having the baby.

    4. Some commuters in Norway are able to count travel time as part of their workday.

    5. In China, employees are only allowed nine hours of overtime a week, for which they must be paid 1.5 times their wage.

    6. In Denmark, employees can often choose when they start their workday and have the option to work from home.

    7. Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world: Workers aged 21 and over make $15.96 AUD per hour.

    8. German workers recently won the right to reduce their weekly hours from 35 to 28 for up to two years to look after their families.

    9. In Luxembourg, employees can expect a minimum of five weeks paid annual leave.

    10. A New Zealand company trialled a four-day workweek, while still paying their employees for five.

    11. In Austria, while many employees work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., they're encouraged to leave at 3 p.m. on Fridays.

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