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    19 Cheap And Easy Hobbies That'll Make You Say, "Why Didn't I Think Of That?"

    Even if you suck at hobbies, you're bound to like one of these.

    Hobbies! They provide you with a sense of accomplishment, teach you about yourself, and introduce you to new people, concepts, and facts about the world.

    If you want a new hobby but don't want to spend a ton of money or find yourself bleary-eyed in a craft room surrounded by sewing machines and confused about how you got there, I have some simple suggestions for you:

    1. Become a Wikipedia editor.

    2. Become a documentary buff.

    3. Or a podcast buff.

    4. Start a recipe club.

    5. Become a plant parent (a plarent?).

    6. Conquer some puzzles.

    7. Become an avid Amazon or Yelp reviewer.

    8. Practice meditation.

    9. Join the world's largest treasure hunt, AKA geocaching.

    10. Improve your handwriting.

    11. Then, send some snail mail.

    12. Embroider your feelings.

    13. Learn everything there is to know about crystals.

    14. Upcycle some stuff.

    15. Paint some watercolors.

    16. Start bullet journaling.

    17. Binge every episode of a retro TV show.

    18. Learn sign language.

    19. Or, learn a spoken language.