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    19 Extremely Clever Camping Hacks

    Roll out a yoga mat under your sleeping bag as a cushion.

    1. Turn an Altoids tin into a mini first-aid kit.

    2. Organize your spices in a pill case.

    3. Stick some matches inside a Tic Tac container and glue sandpaper on the back for easy fire-starting.

    4. Keep dirty shoes contained with a shower cap.

    5. Cut open a soda can to create a lamp.

    6. Cover the floor of your tent with foam squares for some squishy comfort.

    7. Wrap a headlamp around a water jug for a lil' tent glow.

    8. Lay a doormat outside your tent so you track in less dirt.

    9. Clip a shower organizer to your tent to store toiletries, flashlights, and any other loose items.

    10. If your tent's zipper is stuck, rub the problem area with a candlestick to lubricate it.

    11. Cut a slit in a pool noodle and place it over your tent's fastening ropes so you don't trip over them.

    12. Put a gallon of frozen water in your cooler to act as an ice pack — and then, when it melts, you can drink it!

    13. Pre-cut meats and veggies and stick them in your cooler (freeze the meats so they act as ice packs too).

    14. Whisk several eggs and pour them into a plastic bottle for simple scrambled eggs over a fire.

    15. For your coffee fix, pour some grounds into a filter, tie a string around the top, and drop it into a thermos with hot water like a teabag.

    16. Pour pancake mix into a clean ketchup bottle, add water, and squeeze onto a pan for some fast flapjacks.

    17. Sleep on top of a reflective windshield cover to stay warm on a cold night.

    18. Roll out a yoga mat under your sleeping bag as a cushion.

    19. And stick a warm water bottle at the bottom of your sleeping bag for extra warmth and coziness.

    Watch these hacks come to life.

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