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    17 Beautiful Rooftops That Were Basically Made For Pinterest

    Bring. On. Summer.

    1. This Moroccan hideaway that seriously turns up the summer heat:

    2. This multi-level garden that's in New York City, if you can believe it:

    Sotheby's / Via

    3. This rooftop theater in Hong Kong that would make even the worst movie seem Oscar-worthy:

    Liquid Interiors / Via

    4. This colorful herringbone rooftop at the London College of Fashion:

    Studio Weave / Via

    5. This pristine oasis towering above Central Park that's perfect for entertaining:

    Rizzoli / Via

    6. This lil' nook in Stockholm that was basically made for getting lost in a book:

    7. This cozy Manhattan fireplace that's ideal for those cool summer nights:

    Baird Architects / Via

    8. This infinity pool in Malaysia that I'd stay in until my skin is nice and pruney:

    9. This lil' Belgian garden where you and your best friend would totally gossip:

    Tuin Architectuur / Via

    10. This dinner party in NYC that I'm honestly kind of pissed I wasn't invited to:

    11. This *edgy* spa in Zurich:

    Homesthetics / Via

    12. This comfy space in Brooklyn that you'd have to drag me out of:

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    13. This garden on top of the Getty Museum in LA that's the ultimate lunch spot:

    14. This lounge in Cannes that casually overlooks the French Riviera:

    Leo Trippi / Via

    15. This penthouse terrace in Barcelona that offers all the pillows your heart desires:

    Mandarin Oriental / Via

    16. This sunny Manhattan rooftop that brings me peace just by looking at it:

    pulltab / Via

    17. And this cabana in Italy that lets you stargaze as you drift off into the most serene slumber of your life:

    noa* network of architecture / Via

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