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    Pine Or Plastic: Which Christmas Tree Is Better For The Planet?

    Here's the ~green~ thing to do.

    Before you go and spray-paint "SCROOGE" all over my car, please know that I'm not about to suggest you forgo a Christmas tree this year.

    That said, I am about to drop some environmental knowledge that you should take into account if you're deciding whether to get a real or artificial Christmas tree this year.

    An artificial tree might seem like the obvious choice here because it's reusable, but in reality, you have to keep it for more than 20 years to reduce your environmental impact.

    Real trees, on the other hand, produce oxygen, provide a habitat for wildlife while they grow, often come from family-owned businesses, and can be recycled after Christmas.

    So, which tree should you actually get? Well, I know this isn't the definitive answer you were hoping for, but it really depends on your lifestyle.

    Also, the truth is, considering the much larger environmental impact of travel and consumerism this Christmas, your tree doesn't really matter.

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