16 Dudes Who Are Already Slaying In Rompers

    And jumpsuits!

    In case you SOMEHOW haven't heard: Rompers for men are going to be ~all the rage~ this summer thanks to a group of bros who created the RompHim.

    Sure, the name may fill you with a murderous rage, but do the rompers really look that awful? I THINK NOT.

    Despite all of the mocking RompHim has already received since its launch on Monday, the man romper isn't exactly new. Want proof?

    1. GodDAMN, look at Sean Connery as James Bond:

    if you're chatting rompers for men and not paying homage to maybe the most iconic male romper-on-film you're not ev… https://t.co/eJbfkV3hVP

    2. Young Dro nailed this look, TBH:

    Nobody can tell me Young Dro didn't pull off this romper. He looks CLEAN.

    3. As did Cam Newton:

    i don't wanna see any of yall on my TL saying that yall started the man romper trend (romphim) bc.... #wde

    4. Look at SISQO:

    I always remember Sisqo in a romper. #rompersformen

    5. AND DRAKE:

    Remember when you wore that tuff OVO x Jordan #romphim @Drake and no one appreciated you but me. Ah yuuuu say tren… https://t.co/NKb10VYoaH

    6. Mr. Brown would fit in perfectly at Coachella:

    7. Nick Wooster can do no wrong in this romper:

    Go inside Nick Wooster's apartment and closet in the West Village, courtesy of The Coveteur: http://t.co/38Il9oXXvi

    8. Honestly, LeBron James totally pulls this outfit off:

    lebron imitated the romphim OG for Halloween, never forget.

    9. You are BLIND if you think these looks don't kill:

    10. Yoooo check him out:

    And about these rompers, some of us been wearing them for years....yearssss I say. I even designed this one when in… https://t.co/R7fLuBxm0Y

    11. Ummmm HELLO:

    Don't EVER let me get this. I won't know how to act.

    12. I meannnnn:

    13. Michael Myers quite literally slayed in this jumpsuit:

    So we really finna sit here and act like my mans wasn't setting trends.. #rompers

    14. I'd legitimately wear this one:

    Just wanna throw it out there that the girls like myself been wearing rompers, throwbike to 2015. 😂

    15. And this one:

    I thought it was called a jumpsuit? But idc , this was one of my favorite fits man. #RompHim

    16. And last but not least, this little man is ADORABLE:

    In honor of #romphim tbt ❤️💛💚💙