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16 Dudes Who Are Already Slaying In Rompers

And jumpsuits!

In case you SOMEHOW haven't heard: Rompers for men are going to be ~all the rage~ this summer thanks to a group of bros who created the RompHim.

Yes, you read that (heinous) name right: RompHim. 🙄

Yes, you read that (heinous) name right: RompHim. 🙄

Sure, the name may fill you with a murderous rage, but do the rompers really look that awful? I THINK NOT.

Despite all of the mocking RompHim has already received since its launch on Monday, the man romper isn't exactly new. Want proof?


I have the receipts.

1. GodDAMN, look at Sean Connery as James Bond:

if you're chatting rompers for men and not paying homage to maybe the most iconic male romper-on-film you're not ev…

2. Young Dro nailed this look, TBH:

Nobody can tell me Young Dro didn't pull off this romper. He looks CLEAN.

3. As did Cam Newton:

i don't wanna see any of yall on my TL saying that yall started the man romper trend (romphim) bc.... #wde

4. Look at SISQO:

I always remember Sisqo in a romper. #rompersformen


Remember when you wore that tuff OVO x Jordan #romphim @Drake and no one appreciated you but me. Ah yuuuu say tren…

6. Mr. Brown would fit in perfectly at Coachella:

7. Nick Wooster can do no wrong in this romper:

Go inside Nick Wooster's apartment and closet in the West Village, courtesy of The Coveteur:

8. Honestly, LeBron James totally pulls this outfit off:

lebron imitated the romphim OG for Halloween, never forget.

9. You are BLIND if you think these looks don't kill:

10. Yoooo check him out:

And about these rompers, some of us been wearing them for years....yearssss I say. I even designed this one when in…

11. Ummmm HELLO:

Don't EVER let me get this. I won't know how to act.

13. Michael Myers quite literally slayed in this jumpsuit:

So we really finna sit here and act like my mans wasn't setting trends.. #rompers

14. I'd legitimately wear this one:

Just wanna throw it out there that the girls like myself been wearing rompers, throwbike to 2015. 😂

15. And this one:

I thought it was called a jumpsuit? But idc , this was one of my favorite fits man. #RompHim

16. And last but not least, this little man is ADORABLE:

In honor of #romphim tbt ❤️💛💚💙

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