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Which "30 Rock" Characters Are The Presidential Candidates?

"I really don't think it's fair for me to be in a debate since I'm a hologram."

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Hillary Clinton is Liz Lemon

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This one is too obvious. They both love work, are trying to meet very specific goals, and both lie awake at night wondering what fresh hell tomorrow will bring. And the White House? Hillary wants to go to there.

Donald Trump is Colleen Donaghy


This is a tough one. Donald Trump has the hats of Frank, the self-confidence of Jenna, and the mental stability of Tracy. But if you're going based on things he's said, there is no closer match than Jack's mother Colleen.

Bernie Sanders is Greenzo

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We are so close to Bernie Sanders reprimanding Meredith Vieira about wasting energy. But if Al Gore wasn't a real politician, Bernie would be closest to Gore's guest role: "A whale is in trouble! I have to go!"

Ben Carson is Dr. Leo Spaceman

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Do you remember when Dr. Spaceman came out in a blood soaked lab coat and said, "What? This? No, no. I was at a costume party earlier this evening, and the hostess's dog attacked me so... I had to stab it." Sounds familiar.

Carly Fiorina is Kathy Geiss

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This is only going based off her time as CEO of HP, and has nothing to do with her rumored love of unicorns and Mark Wahlberg. Two CEO's, two questionable competence levels. And maybe after her candidacy Carly could invent a machine that hugs old people.

Marco Rubio is Jonathan

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Jack Donaghy is obviously the Koch Brothers which would naturally mean Jonathan is Marco Rubio. But then again Rubio could be one of those mice in Dr. Spaceman's study who couldn't stop drinking water.

And to sum it all up, every single candidate is this:

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Although the absence of Kenneth, Jenna, and Tracy on this list is disappointing, the fact that we don't have candidates like them might be the only uplifting thing about this election.

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