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The Hilarious Full Names Of "30 Rock" Secondary Characters

A lot more thought went behind naming these secondary 30 Rock characters than you may think.

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Criss Chros

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This one gets pretty in depth. In the episode "Floyd" Liz imitates singer Christopher Cross by singing a fake song. Christopher Cross saw that and finished writing the fake song and recorded it. So Liz's final boyfriend and eventual husband's name is an homage to Cross.

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Danny Baker

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Buckle your seat belts on this one. Danny's real name is actually Jack, before Jack Donaghy changes it. So his actual name is Jack Baker. But Jack is often a nickname for John or Jon. So it would be Jon Baker. Officer Jon Baker is the name of the character Larry Wilcox played on CHiPs , who was Liz's first crush. Need more proof? That's exactly who Danny dressed up as when he and Liz were hooking up. INCEPTION!

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