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5 Ways Stars Are Just Like Us!

We have more in common with those big, luminous, celestial objects in the sky than you might think!

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1. Our sun is actually a star named Sol.

AMC / Via giphy.com

I guess that means we better call it Sol! That's the type of wordplay stars definitely would love- and they of course would also be watching this Breaking Bad spin-off if they could!

2. All stars are made from materials originally formed during the Big Bang.

CBS / Via google.com

Are you kidding me? People here on earth love The Big Bang Theory! They go nuts for it! What are the odds?

4. Stars go through many phases throughout their lives.

TMZ / Via picslist.com

You hear that Justin Bieber? Even the stars in the sky go through phases. Maybe not ones where they pee in mop buckets, curse out photos of former presidents, and get arrested--but phases nonetheless!

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