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    17 Cat GIFs Every Bitcoin Fanatic Can Relate To

    We've all been there.

    Life as a bitcoin enthusiast is no walk in the park.

    Between dealing with skepticism from friends and family and the seemingly never-ending price swings, we have to take a lot of heat for being fans of the digital currency.

    Luckily for us, these cats seem to understand our struggle, and if there's one thing bitcoiners know the importance of, it's solidarity.

    1. Watching the price fluctuate rapidly

    2. Forgetting a wallet password and realizing you're doomed

    3. Finding out your favorite retailer now accepts bitcoin

    4. Watching the price charts right before a buy

    5. Seeing the price drop right after you finally make your purchase

    6. Waiting for your transaction to be confirmed on the block chain

    7. Sending bitcoin to the wrong address

    8. Moving your bitcoin into cold storage

    9. Arguing with friends why bitcoin is superior to cash and credit cards

    10. When the price drops, and stays low for weeks

    11. Rubbing it in to your friends once the price rises back up

    12. Talking to Coinbase's customer support

    13. Watching governments try to deal with bitcoin

    14. Trying to move all of your coins out of Mt. Gox back in February

    15. Investigating a new startup and then realizing it's shady

    16. Silencing all of the misinformed haters

    17. To the moon!