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10 New Things From During Arsenal's Silverware Drougt

The world is a fast changing place, and in 8 years, 11 months and 27 days, a lot was new.

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1. Emirates Stadium (opened 2006) / Via

How we still pine for our beloved Highbury Stadium. Let's face it, Emirates Stadium as a building is pretty special, but it's still missing a few things. In order: Success, History, A proper name (Drayton Park), Acoustics.

2. London Overground (opened 2007)

Wikipedia / Via

Everybody's favourite way to get to Highbury and Islington in style and comfort. Rumour has it it's Wilshere's second favourite way to get to Ridley Road Market.

3. The O2 (opened 2007)

Wikipedia / Via

Our go to favourite London Arena and the only reason to go south of the river. The Millennium Dome was rotting away until some charitable Americans came along and gave us somewhere to watch Justin Bieber.

4. Justin Bieber (hidden until 2008)

The Mirror / Via

Talking of the Biebs, can you remember just how sweet life was before 2008? The FA Cup win was still a recent memory, and Justin Bieber had not yet invaded our ears and our minds, and we hadn't been beaten 8-2 and 6-0 by Manchester United and Chelsea respectively. Good times.

5. Twitter (founded 2006)


What did we do before Twitter? We were forced to make small talk with family, friends and loved ones. Imagine the #megalolz we could have had at Jens Lehmann's hilarious temper.

7. The Shard (construction began 2009)

Wikipedia / Via

The symbol of modern London, construction began in the 2009/10 season when Arsenal did actually win something - the Barclays Fair Play Award. Good work guys. Gooners! Gooners!

8. Breaking Bad (first aired 2008)


In the year Arsenal FC signed Aaron Ramsey, Samir Nasri and Andrei Arshavin, Breaking Bad first graced TV screens. Walt and Jesse are such big parts of our lives now, it's difficult to remember a time before we knew them.

10. Google Street View (launched 2007)


It's rumoured that RvP spent hours trawling the streets of Madrid and Barcelona on Street View to find good eateries. The time was ultimately wasted when he ended up in Manchester.

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