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10 Reasons To Be Excited For The Future

Human innovation is making way for a better tomorrow. TOMS is helping out by addressing global needs.

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1. Urban transportation will be easier than ever.

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Many city planners are mapping out Multi-Modal Transit Hubs as a way to improve urban transportation. These hubs combine different forms of public transit, including trains, buses, bikes, and cars, allowing the public to decide which method of transport best suits them.

2. We'll decide whatever we want to study in school.

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The "Open-Loop University" model of education allows students from age 17 and up to learn new skills as they need them. In this model, students first take hundreds of one-day and one-week courses to decide what they'd truly like to study. Students also wear wristbands that track stress and performance levels, so that professors are aware.

3. Your house will clean itself!

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Imagining never having to clean your floors again? This might be a legitimate possibility with dirt-eating carpet in the works! They can detect bacterial growth, and then get rid of it on their own.

4. You'll be able to track your health with wearable technology.

Bernhard Lang / Iconica / Getty Images

Wearable technology will lead to a more preventative model of health and wellness. The Airo wristband can track when you exercise, your stress levels, eating habits, and sleep patterns, allowing individuals to take a more active role in their health and well-being.

5. 3D-printed organs might be a reality.

Not only are 3D printers being used to print food, toys, and jewelry, but they're also being used to create organs! 3D-printed prosthetic limbs can be tailored specifically to the patient, serving as useful guides to surgeons during reconstructive surgery. Scientists are currently attempting to build a human heart with a 3D printer.

6. You won't need a power outlet in order to charge your phone.


Solar-powered chargers are powered by the brightest natural resource — sunshine! Simply stick them onto a bright window, plug in your device, and voila, full battery in a few hours! There's even a solar-powered desk that serves as both a working table and a phone charger in one!

7. Travel will be limitless.

Erik Simonsen / The Image Bank / Getty Images

The European Space Agency, with the help of certain architects, are currently exploring the possibility of building a lunar hotel with 3D-printing technologies. Forget the beach, let's go to the moon!

8. Going to the office will actually be kind of cool.

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3D gesture recognition and virtual reality will transform the future of the workplace. Imagine meeting your co-workers who are stationed overseas through virtual reality, instead of over a staticky conference call.

9. Injury-proof cars will help you stay safe on the road.


By 2020, Volvo has promised to create a "virtually" injury-proof car. The car will include radar and sonar technologies in order to automatically cause the car to brake when it senses a collision.

10. There will be speakers for the hearing impaired.

Ripple is a project that explores listening through touch and sight, rather than through sound. The speaker-like object transmits multi-toned vibrations, while also creating sound waves that the hearing impaired can detect.

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