Tom Phillips • 9 months ago

The social media giant is facing serious questions over its efforts to deal with fake propaganda accounts after BuzzFeed News uncovered a network directly connected to the Russia-linked accounts Twitter submitted to Congress.

Tom Phillips • 10 months ago

Take this quiz to work out if you could survive in Theresa May's cabinet! Please note: this quiz has been updated in light of recent events.

Tom Phillips • 11 months ago

White people are the least likely to go to university – but some BAME students still face disadvantages throughout the process.

Tom Phillips • One year ago

Will you break the bank?

Tom Phillips • One year ago

Bloody scientists, coming over here, winning Nobel Prizes.

Tom Chivers • One year ago

Research by BuzzFeed News reveals that stories about Muslims that have been changed or entirely retracted since publication have received over 165,000 shares in 2017.

Aisha Gani • One year ago

A major new study shows that pay gaps have decreased in recent years – but are still really, really large for some groups.

Tom Phillips • One year ago

Yes, but should you?

Jim Waterson • One year ago

It's going to be a long trip.

Louise Ridley • One year ago

The government is planning to recruit thousands of additional nurses, consultants, and therapists working across mental health services, but many have said the numbers don't add up.

Laura Silver • One year ago

A BuzzFeed News investigation also reveals that 96% of areas are failing to supply wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution.

Emily Dugan • One year ago

An analysis by the University of Sheffield and BuzzFeed News of over 800,000 tweets offers a snapshot of the abuse sent to politicians.

Tom Phillips • One year ago

The final design for the new polymer £10 note has been revealed by Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

Hannah Al-Othman • One year ago

Question 1: How much gold do you like?

Tom Phillips • One year ago

Three weeks on from the Grenfell Tower fire, BuzzFeed News asks what role fire regulations and a complex web of public and private agencies may have played in the disaster – and what could be done to prevent similar fires happening in future.

Patrick Smith • One year ago

Before Grenfell Tower, there were several official reports, coroners' warnings, parliamentary inquiries, and industry body reports all relating to the use of external combustible cladding on residential buildings.

Patrick Smith • One year ago

One eyewitness said "the cladding caught fire and went straight to the top".

Patrick Smith • One year ago

Seventy constituencies have been won away from their previous party in the 2017 general election. Here's a comprehensive list.

Tom Phillips • One year ago

The BuzzFeed News Social Barometer shows viral stories included content about Jeremy Corbyn, the NHS, and fox hunting – but almost nothing about how the parties would approach Brexit.

Tom Phillips • One year ago