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The Funniest Responses To That Story About David Cameron And The Pig

You'll never look at the phrase "pulled pork" the same way again.

It was just a normal Sunday evening, until the Daily Mail front page appeared.

Monday's Daily Mail front page: Revenge! #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Which included the allegation, from a new book by former Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft, that at university David Cameron "put a private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth.

Highlights from Mail serialisation of @LordAshcroft & @IsabelOakeshott's book on David Cameron #tomorrowspaperstoday

Of course this is an unconfirmed allegation, reported second-hand from an anonymous source. But since when did that stop people making jokes?

Quite a lot of jokes.

Yes, the dead pig incident does sound rather unfortunate, but remember Corbyn had his tie on wonky the other day so they're basically even.

Somehow people managed to find humour in the story.

Just a little bit.

Well pork barrel politics just got a whole new meaning

Frankly, it was too much.

Seeing these tweets about David Cameron and I...just...

I’m imagining a press aide waking up DC “we’ve got a problem” “Did I leave my child in the pub?” “Only if child = cock and pub = dead pig”

Notice how in this picture David Cameron isn't wearing his wedding ring. Suspicious...

The former deputy prime minister weighed in.

Night all! 🐷 https://t.co/dyTKV2Ml1o

So did the leader of the Lib Dems.

I've never been more pleased to be a vegetarian.

Favourite films were ruined.

I'll never be able to watch Babe the same way again.

Children's TV: ruined.

When you're 15 minutes into Peppa Pig and chill and then David Cameron gives you this look

Classic books: ruined.

This has just clarified my view that David Cameron is just an older version of Jack from Lord Of The Flies

People had strong opinions about it.

You're not even allowed put your member into the mouth of a dead pig now? It's political correctness gone mad.

Everybody is looking forward to the next Prime Minister's Questions.

@heawood @hugorifkind "Mr Speaker, Janice from Droitwich wants to know if the Prime Minister put his cock…[uproar] put his cock in a pig's..

"So I ask the Prime Minister, are the allegations true?" "No." "So the media is... telling porkies?" *Corbyn high-fives entire front bench*

In many ways, it was Ed Miliband's pork-based revenge.

Anyway, it knocks Miliband's bacon sandwich off the top of the political pork parade.

Everybody settled on the same pun.

I'm surprised I haven't seen a David Hameron pun yet.

There were pictures.

"David, paint me like one of your French girls"

Charlie Brooker, who wrote the entirely fictional episode of Black Mirror in which the prime minister has sex with a pig, had to clarify a few things.

Just been nosing through old Black Mirror files now, of course.

Just to clear it up: nope, I’d never heard anything about Cameron and a pig when coming up with that story. So this weirds me out.

All in all, it was a joyful few hours on Twitter.

David Cameron: "I wish I could just do one thing that would unite all sides of the political spectrum" *finger on monkeys paw curls*

But in the end, only one joke could be the best joke. And this is it.

They should obviously call this scandal 'Bae of Pigs'

UPDATE: There have now been more jokes.

The beauty of #piggate is you don't even have to do anything clever with your jokes.

Lots more jokes.

Now we know what David Cameron was thinking about when he said West Ham was his favourite football team rather than Aston Villa.

Ashdown's joined in the fun.

Typical! David Cameron once again hogging the headlines at the Lib Dem Conference.

The jokes will never stop.

Ok so @David_Cameron once was 'romantically linked to a bit of a party animal' big deal


No wonder David Cameron was so keen to promote The Pig Society.


It's just going to be pig jokes from now until the end of time.

Oh my god, look at that face. You look like my next mistake.

The Russian Embassy even decided to follow a pig parody account, in an act of geopolitical trolling.

And in all of that, we might have a new winner.

Well done, everybody.