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    Posted on Jan 29, 2014

    Unexpectedly Stealthy Elephant Photobombs Oblivious Photographers

    Very quiet elephant executes the worlds most obvious photobomb.

    Here is a group of British, Australian and Norwegian volunteers taking pictures while at a Zimbabwean wildlife reserve.

    Marcus Söderlund/Barcroft Media

    It's possible they might be missing some wildlife, though.

    Marcus Söderlund/Barcroft Media

    Fellow volunteer Marcus Söderlund, from Sweden, took the picture of the group as they failed to spot an elephant creeping up behind them.

    "While they were posing for the cameras one of the other handlers had got an elephant called Makavhuzi to go up behind them and stay there," he said.

    Makavhuzi the elephant lives in the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation game park in Wedza, Zimbabwe.

    "Eventually they noticed him and turned round," Söderlund added.

    Marcus Söderlund/Barcroft Media

    If you're wondering how an elephant can creep up on people, National Geographic puts it down to its "big, cushiony feet" and elephants' natural inclination towards silence.

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