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    This Is The Woman Who Says "Unexpected Item In The Bagging Area" At Supermarkets

    The voice behind most of the UK's self-service checkouts is revealed.

    Ever wondered who the voice behind the UK's self-service checkouts is? The one telling you that there's an unexpected item in the bagging area, even when there clearly isn't?

    Flickr: jaygooby / Creative Commons

    For many years, the person's identity was a closely guarded secret, as the National Cash Register Corporation – the American firm that makes most of Britain's self-service checkouts – reportedly didn't want her poached by a rival firm.

    But now the voice behind a million requests to enter your PIN has been revealed as actress and voiceover artist Helena Breck.

    Flickr: jaygooby / Creative Commons /

    She's not the only voice of the checkouts any more – the company has diversified and brought in other voice actors – but she was the original. (You can listen to a sample of her other voice work at her agent's site.)

    Here she is in the 1981 ITV drama Crown Court.


    She also appeared in EastEnders in 1994, and was a regular cast member in the notoriously ropey soap-opera-on-a-North-Sea-ferry Triangle.

    She told MailOnline: 'I still hear myself sometimes when I go into the supermarket but they have new voices now and I am doing other things.'

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