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    The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018

    The anger factory has changed a bit since 2013.

    1. Somebody, somewhere does something bad.

    2. Somebody spots the bad thing.

    3. People quickly pick up on the bad thing.

    4. Tweets about the bad thing start to go viral.

    5. One of the most viral tweets will just be a screenshot of somebody else's tweet, by someone with a verified account.

    6. The most viral tweet about it will have a completely inaccurate claim in it.

    7. The correction will get 12 retweets.

    8. People start sending angry messages to the wrong Twitter account.

    9. The media quickly spots the growing anger over the bad thing, and writes articles about it.

    10. Just as quickly, there is a backlash against people thinking that the bad thing is bad.

    11. ...even though by this point people are mostly just making jokes?

    12. The people who did the bad thing apologise for the bad thing.

    13. People mostly seem to accept the apology!

    14. Then suddenly there are Nazis everywhere.

    15. Holy shit so many Nazis.

    16. For unclear reasons, somebody doxxes the person who got mistaken for the people who did the bad thing.

    17. The people who apologised for the bad thing now apologise for their apology.

    18. Somebody makes a video about the whole thing.

    Oh no, the liberals have been TRIGGERED again.

    19. Everybody will accuse pretty much everybody else of being “bots”.

    20. And then...

    21. The President of the United States of America is tweeting about it.

    22. Now lots of people are replying to the President of the United States!

    23. People have ~theories~ about what’s going on.

    24. These theories are quite extensive.

    25. They go on for really quite a long time.

    26. Such a long time.

    27. Eventually, the people who apologised for apologising about the bad thing have to apologise for their apology about the first apology.

    28. The story is now, somehow, front page news around the world for the next week.

    29. It will never stop. We live in a hell we have made for ourselves. There is only one escape.