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19 Times Tinder Users Got Brutally Shot Down

You might want to think twice before trying out any of these lines. Via Tinder Fails.

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1. This astronomy lesson.

2. This insight into rural life.

3. This blunt assessment.

4. This storytelling fail.

5. This medical situation.

6. This punchline that never got to be.

7. This fruit-based situation.

8. This surprisingly similar fruit-based situation.

9. (Basically just never talk about fruit.)

10. This failed comedian.

11. This romantic soul.

12. This regrettable confession.

13. This player of games.

14. This stalled negotiation.

15. This underwhelming sandwich.

16. This person who failed his FBI entrance exam.

17. This clash of personalities.

18. This efficient converstion.

19. And this completely unacceptable request.

Taken from the book Tinder Fails.

Taken from the book Tinder Fails.