This Tweet Reportedly Took A Team Of Experts 45 Days To Create

It’s about cheese.

1. This is a tweet from cheese manufacturers Président Cheese. According to this Business Insider article, it took a team of social media professionals a total of 45 days from conception to tweeting.

2. According to the article, the process by which the tweet came into being included the following steps:

Lindsay met with a copywriter and graphic designer to brainstorm tweet ideas for the next month… The copywriter and designer met the next week to create the image for the tweet, which was then pitched at a team meeting alongside other posts for April. The team meeting includes Lindsay, the copywriter and designer team, and between 10 and 20 of Huge’s strategists who work on President Cheese advertising… Then it’s on to an internal review process… The post was then sent to President Cheese and, some 45 days after conception, published on the internet for the world to see.

3. Business Insider writes: “Thus far, the post has yet to be retweeted, but it has generated two favorites.”

4. But in better news for Président Cheese, since the publication of the article, interest and engagement with the tweet has soared, and they now have over 50 retweets.

Their Twitter following has also soared to 163.

5. Although it’s worth noting that Alyssa Galella, Director of Earned Media at Huge (the agency behind the tweets) disputes the accuracy of the Business Insider article:

@abrahamjoseph The number of team members mentioned is wildly inaccurate. We don't even have "10 to 20 strategists" / 13 people on the team

— Alyssa Galella (@woodlandalyssa)

@abrahamjoseph We might plan general topics / themes on an editorial calendar 45 days out but not the specific tweets. That's absurd.

— Alyssa Galella (@woodlandalyssa)

@abrahamjoseph Also worth noting we started the account from scratch last month with no paid media + strict legal dept. Not a typical client

— Alyssa Galella (@woodlandalyssa)

9. Either way, we were so inspired by this that we decided to create our own.

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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