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47 Things Everybody Did While Twitter Was Down

1. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up.

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Twitter / BuzzFeed

1. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

2. Made a cup of coffee

3. Drank a cup of coffee

4. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

5. Tried to send a tweet about Twitter being down, then realised

6. Tried writing tweet down on a piece of paper then showing it to people one at a time

7. Tried to send a tweet by making noises with the big hole in your face

8. Tried to read tweets by letting other people's big face-hole noises go into your small side face-holes

9. Looked out the window and saw a small robin flutter by, and were suddenly struck by the quiet beauty of winter

10. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

11. Looked at Facebook and saw your mate Barry had shared a racist opinion about immigration again

12. Considered commenting on Barry's post

13. Decided against it

14. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

15. Remembered something embarrassing you said yesterday

16. Remembered a strong selfie you took last night

17. Opened Instagram

18. Scrolled through different filters on your selfie

19. Decided against posting it at all

20. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

21. Did a little stretch, and realised your body is not as supple as it once was

22. Felt sad, tired, and bored

23. Felt an unplaceable yearning and realised it was not just for Twitter, but for intimacy, for friendship, and for love

24. Checked your weather app to see if there would be anything interesting coming up, like snow

25. Remembered how much you loved snow, as a child

26. Remembered your childhood best friend, and wondered if they ever remembered you, and the way you used to laugh, and laugh, and laugh...about nothing at all, it seemed

27. Made another noise with your face hole

28. Stood around the coffee machine making face hole noises with your colleagues

29. Enjoyed your colleagues' face hole noises, and made the face hole barking of happy surprise

30. Had a little walk

31. Had a bit of a stare into space

32. Started thinking about the nature of reality

33. Got lost in a reverie, in which you dreamt about fireflies dancing in a darkened cave that twisted and turned in upon itself, its tunnels leading back into themselves infinitely, all lit faintly by the glow of the fireflies

34. Started noticing a pattern in the inscrutable dance of the fireflies

35. With a sudden shock, realised that you had achieved a major conceptual breakthrough in uniting the different branches of theoretical physics that would forever change the way we view the universe and lead to unlimited free energy that would usher in a new age of peace and prosperity for the entire world

36. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up

37. It is back up!

38. Read some tweets

39. Hahaha there's a picture of a cat

40. What was that thing about the fireflies and the tunnels again?

41. Hahahahaha cat

42. Haha also a dog

43. Cat

44. Dog

45. Cat

46. Dog

47. Haaaaaaaa