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These Are The Most Googled Eurovision Artists In Each Country

This might be good news if you're the Russian, Spanish or Belgian entries.

These are the most Googled acts from this year's Eurovision Song Contest, in each country across Europe:

Simon Rogers / Google

If people's Googling patterns are any guide to how they'll vote, Russia's entrant Polina Gagarina probably has a decent chance – as is traditional, their entry is popular right across the former Soviet states.

Also attracting interest, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Australia's first time entry in the contest, which is dominating across the Nordic block. Other countries tend to be most interested in their own acts, or the acts of close neighbours (Italy, Spain and Serbia get a bit of neighbourly love this way.)

And here's the same map, but showing the second most Googled act in each country.

Simon Rogers / Google

This one's fun if you're Belgian, Spanish or Italian – once you get rid of the "most people search for their own country's act" issue, it turns out that their entries are attracting interest right across the continent (as are the Russians).

Oddly, Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw (most bookies' favourite to win) doesn't get much of a look in from the Googling public of Europe.

And if you're interested in knowing which Eurovision acts the rest of the planet is searching for, here's a map of the whole world.

Simon Rogers / Google

Australia's entry is quite popular in Australia, it turns out.

And the second-most Googled:

Simon Rogers / Google

Armenia's act seems weirdly popular across large parts of Africa. In case you're wondering if that's because they're just named after a really common search term (they're called "Genealogy"), that map's creator, Google News Lab's head of data Simon Rogers, tells us that's not it – Google's search technology means that "it's only the band and not the scientific term" that's being shown here.