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    There's A Slight Problem With HS2's Website - It Directs Users To The Wrong Birmingham

    Well, that might explain the cost.

    Here's a fun game you can play with the official website for HS2, the ambitious high-speed rail line connecting London with the Midlands and the North.

    Go to and type "Birmingham" into the "Explore The Route" box. #hs2

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    Go to and type "Birmingham" into the "Explore The Route" box. #hs2

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    Let's try it out!

    Well, it certainly brings up a map of Birmingham. But something looks... not quite right...

    Let's zoom out a bit and see if we ca- oh.

    Right then.

    Well done, everybody. This is definitiely a good way to get people to trust you to build a really expensive transport infrastructure project.

    For the record, here's what Birmingham, UK looks like.


    And this is Birmingham, Alabama.

    Marvin Gentry / Reuters

    To be clear, HS2 is not due to visit Birmingham, Alabama at any point. It is definitely supposed to visit Birmingham, UK.

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