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    There's A Bot Automatically Turning The Whole Of Star Wars Into GIFs

    Quite probably the droid you're looking for.

    Everybody likes Star Wars GIFs.

    But unfortunately making Star Wars GIFs can be pretty time-consuming.

    What if there was a faster, more efficient way of making Star Wars GIFs?

    What if you could, somehow, program a computer to do it all for you?

    That's what developer Lindsey Bieda decided to do.

    And it worked!

    With the result that there's now a Twitter account and a Tumblr automatically posting new, auto-generated Star Wars GIFs every hour.

    And she's written a helpful blog post explaining how she did it.

    Everybody is very happy about this news!

    The only worry we have is that this might render large numbers of BuzzFeed staffers obsolete.

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