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    The Penis Church On Google Maps Is Real, By The Way

    Yes, they've made a spiritual centre that looks like a cock and balls.

    So. There's a church in Dixon, Illinois that looks like a penis when seen from above. It's on Google Maps.

    But some people were sceptical. The Cockchurch doesn't appear on Apple Maps, Bing Maps or even Google Streetview.

    Was it actually real, or just some weird phallic glitch in Google's aerial imagery?

    But it is real! It's just still under construction. Redditor g2g079 went round and took some pictures. / g2g079 / Via

    It's being built by the Christian Science Society of Dixon. They've got pictures of the construction work on their Facebook page.

    This shot shows the view from the balls, gazing along the shaft.

    And they seem to be taking the discovery that their new spiritual centre is a willy in good humour.

    Facebook: ChristianScienceDixon

    Well done, the Dixon Christian Science Society. Good work all round.

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