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16 Pictures That Accurately Predict Life In Post-Brexit Britain

It will absolutely, definitely be 100% identical to this, down to every single detail.

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8. Things that will be banned for being too European will include: hugging, coffee, existentialism, the one-touch passing game in football, fancy foreign sausages, and experts.

9. All physical exercise will be replaced with dancing around a maypole. Nothing else. Just thousands and thousands of maypole dances in every field in every county, at all times of year and in all weathers, an entire nation endlessly twirling, twirling towards a bright and glorious future when the harvest will not fail.

Stevenson21 / Oli Scarff / Getty Images / Ben Birchall / Tim Ireland / Rui Vieira / PA Images

11. Freed from the shackles of EU health and safety legislation, we'll be able to make playgrounds out of whatever we like! Broken glass slides, 7-foot-deep paddling pools, and climbing frames made of rotten wood are all absolutely fine.


14. And at last we'll be able to hold those Wicker Man ceremonies we've been denied all these years.

Jonathan Brady / PA Images / British Lion Films / BuzzFeed

Screw you, European flammability standard BS 7177: 2008!