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The 9 Most Haunted Websites On The Internet

Dare you read the bone-chilling tales of the SPOOKIEST websites in the world?

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9. TMZ

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

TMZ is said to be haunted by the restless spirit of a former writer who died tragically on the day she was due to be married. Some visitors to the website have reported seeing a sad-eyed spectre, which roams across a random popular article once a day at the witching hour (PST). Others have reported strange chills, and hearing a quiet weeping sound.

8. The Guardian

Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

The Guardian's Life & Style section is sporadically haunted by a spectre. Rumoured to be a grumpy sub-editor in a former life, it roams the comment section calling out faddy articles and misspelled words.

7. BBC News

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

The BBC News website is haunted by the ghost of a Roundhead soldier from the English Civil War. Many visitors have reported hearing marching footsteps and the rattle of weapons, and seeing a helmeted figure keeping up his lonely patrol of the homepage centuries after the war ended. Others have reported strange chills, and hearing a quiet weeping sound.

6. The Toast

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

The Toast is haunted by the spirit of a minor Victorian novelist. Hester Spookworthy is a benign presence. She is a listed contributor, and occasionally suggests in editorial meetings that she would like to change the name of the site to The Ghost. On each occasion she is politely rebuffed.


5. Sedgley Local History Society

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

The website of the Sedgley Local History Society is haunted by a wailing apparition known only as "the shouting child", who appears at times of crisis to issue dire warnings in an unknowable language.

Other visitors have reported strange chills.

2. BuzzFeed

Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has had on ongoing haunting since the day Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence recorded a genuinely funny Vine together. The Vine resulted in the figurative, and in some cases, literal deaths of millennial fans. Those millennials now haunt BuzzFeed's CMS, writing ghostly identity posts, and advocating for ectoplasm reform.

1. Wikipedia

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

Wikipedia is the most haunted website. Nobody is entirely sure how many ghosts Wikipedia has, but conservative estimates put it in the thousands. Editors working to revert changes alone late at night tell tales of whole paragraphs moving around by themselves, unexplained banging noises, mysterious winds blowing through the site, and the sensation of ghostly hands reaching for their throats. Ghosts said to roam Wikipedia include a crying seamstress, a headless pirate, a pair of undernourished twins with eerie glowing eyes, a spectre known only as "the pale man", a Roundhead soldier from the English Civil War, and President Taft.

Other people have reported strange chills, and hearing a quiet weeping sound.