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The 27 Stages Of Christmas Day On The Internet

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Christmas morning dawns. Of course, the kids are the first to rise.

Flickr: mikebaird / Creative Commons

2. Although there’s always somebody keen to let everyone know that they got up early and went for a run.

Flickr: sufur & Flickr: 33764571@N00 / Creative Commons

3. Lots of people are waking up in their childhood bed.

...or their parents' spare rooms.

Flickr: wicker-furniture & Flickr: gluglondon / Creative Commons

This can be a little weird.

4. Of course, the good news is that Christmas is the only day you're legitimately allowed to start drinking first thing in the morning.

Flickr: annieroi / Creative Commons & Monkey Business Images

5. Although this is less good news if you went out drinking on Christmas Eve.

Flickr: dantaylor / Creative Commons

6. That can be a problem if you've got somewhere to be.

7. But on the plus side, everybody's eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Flickr: brunogirin / Creative Commons

8. And in any case, soon it's time to open the presents!

9. It's exciting opening presents, because you never know what you're going to get!

10. Some people become aware that their parents don't quite understand their fashion sense.

11. And there's always some people who don't seem very grateful for what they get.

Flickr: jfingas / Creative Commons

But still - PRESENTS!

12. A high point of the day is when the yearly update email arrives from overachieving family friends.

13. With the presents done, work begins on Christmas dinner. Which can be very stressful.

Flickr: quinnanya / Creative Commons

14. You've always forgotten something important. So you send a relative out to try and find a shop that's open.

15. It's a mystery where they could have got to.

16. Reluctantly, a search party heads out...

17. ...but oddly fails to return for a while.

18. With so much going on, it's understandable if the cooking doesn't always go to plan.

Flickr: ibroadfo / Creative Commons

19. But at least you have pictures of other, more successful people's dinners to look at.

Monkey Business Images

20. And there are always other food options to fall back on.

Flickr: alexbrn / Creative Commons

21. As the day wears on, tempers fray. The arguments start. These arguments are usually about big, important issues.

22. Still, everybody feels sorry for the poor sods who have to be in work today.

Flickr: katsommers / Creative Commons

23. But sometimes, it can get a bit too much.

24. Which can leave only one option.

25. But it's all okay. Because you know that in the end, you'll end up falling asleep in front of the TV as usual - exhausted, but basically happy. Because it's Christmas. And that's what we do.

Flickr: blackplastic / Creative Commons

26. And in any case, there's still some chocolates left. You shouldn't feel guilty about eating them...

Flickr: laurambailey / Creative Commons

27. ...although you know there'll still be somebody telling everyone they just went for a run.

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