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    The 19 Greatest BBC Newsreader Fails

    Everybody loves a good newsreader fail. But when the BBC does it, it's even better - like watching your prim and proper aunt getting tipsy on sherry at a wedding.

    1. So there was that time Simon McCoy mistook a ream of paper for his iPad, and soldiered on anyway because he is a pro.

    2. And that time Simon McCoy was caught having a little nap on his desk.

    3. Also that time Simon McCoy had some trouble talking about pandas.

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    Weather presenters do it too. Like the time Tomasz Schafernaker accidentally gave someone the middle finger on air.

    Because he was being taunted on-air by... Simon McCoy. SIMON MCCOY EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT.

    4. It's not all Simon McCoy, though. Lots of newsreaders have problems handing over to the weather.

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    5. The weather really is quite problematic.

    6. Poor weather people.

    7. BBC presenters are always unflappable under pressure, when everything is going wrong.

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    8. Well, mostly. Sally Magnusson was perhaps a little flappable when everything went wrong on BBC Scotland.

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    9. BBC Scotland, of course, sometimes has difficulty telling the difference between its weather presenters and Nazis.

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    10. Mind you, that's not quite as bad as completely forgetting that your co-host exists.

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    11. Perhaps it's understandable, though, given what Jonathan Charles revealed about the years of cruel treatment he's received from BBC bosses.

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    12. It's not just TV presenters. BBC radio presenters can have their problems too. Like Charlotte Green completely losing it over a buzzing noise.

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    13. And who can forget Jim Naughtie having a bit of a Spoonerism problem with the words "Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary"?

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    14. And then Andrew Marr did the exact same thing a few hours later.

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    15. It's not always their fault. Like when this happened to Michael Crick on Newsnight in 2010.

    (Michael Crick must be much happier to be at Channel 4 now, where nothing bad ever happens to him.)

    16. Members of the public are just the worst. They have no respect for the fact that you're trying to do a serious piece to camera.

    17. Really.

    18. But it's okay. Sometimes all of it - production problems, baffled newsreaders, and rogue members of the public - come together to create something absolutely beautiful.

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    Guy Goma, and every BBC presenter, we salute you. Heroes all.

    Especially Simon McCoy.

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