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Absolutely Everybody Is Claiming Victory Over Osborne's Tax Credit U-Turn

Well done, literally all the humans currently alive in the world.

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It was an enormous win for Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn has secured an enormous win for Labour, and the country, by forcing Osborne to reverse #taxcredits cuts. Let's unite now!

Osborne bowed to Labour pressure on tax credits – issue will be detail of all changes given working people worse off under the Tories

Massive win for the Liberal Democrats.

TAX CREDIT CUTS SCRAPPED! A massive @Libdems win! @George_Osborne needlessly scared millions of people with this cuts. #CSR.


Thanks to tough action from Lib Dems in Commons and Lords, Chancellor u-turns on tax credits.

Huge triumph for Tory backbenchers.

Huge victory for Tory backbenchers and sensible sections of the Labour Party as George Osborne abandons tax credit cuts in their entirety.

Corbyn will claim victory on tax credits but reality is that Tory backbenchers who support hard working people forced the Chancellor's hand

The SNP? Absolutely smashed it.

Osborne been forced to u-turn on #TaxCredits cuts by SNP's continued pressure. All the while while Labour ran up white flag #SpendingReview


Osborne been forced to u-turn on #TaxCredits cuts by SNP's continued pressure. All while Labour gave up the ghost #SpendingReview

House of Lords PISSED ALL OVER those proposals.

Before the House of Lords vote on tax credits, No10 were insisting there would be no U-turn. Big win for the Upper House. #spendingreview

Thanks to the House of Lords.Without their opposition we would not have had the rowing back on Government tax credits policies.

Trade unions? They showed those tax credit cuts who was BOSS.

Proud of campaign my union #UNISON, @UKLabour & others ran against #TaxCredits that forced u-turn in the #spendingreview


Also it was The Sun wot won it!

Huge win for @TheSun campaign as Osborne makes humiliating U-turn on cuts to #taxcredits:

And also Boris. I'm confused now.

Labour partly responsible for tax credits u-turn. But not as much as Boris Johnson, Cameron, Lords, Tory backbenchers or The Sun.

The, uh, Stop the War Coalition.

They're nasty but frightened of us

Holy shit, it was George Osborne all along!

Delighted Chancellor has listened and abolished the changes to Tax Credits. The victory is his and I can now return to the fold!!!!!!


Well done, everybody.

Osborne scrapping tax credit cuts a huge win for the media, hashtags, Arsenal, cake, Tinker from Lovejoy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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