Someone On eBay Is Selling Amazingly Bad Erotic Drawings Of Hitler And The "EastEnders" Cast

    Oh, internet. Not Safe For... well, anything, really.

    "Hitler's Self Pleasure".

    "EastEnders: Naked Pat Butcher".

    "HITLER the Frog".

    "HITLER in Mankini".

    "EastEnders - Jim Branning".

    "Count HITLER".

    "Hitler AS Marge".


    "EastEnders - Ian Beale (NAKED)".

    "HITLER in DRESS".

    "Shirtless Hitler".

    "Obese HITLER".

    It's not all Hitler and EastEnders. There's loads of other stuff too.

    "Tom Daley".

    "Family Guy: Curious Stewie".

    "Only Fools and Horses: Del Boy".

    "Gareth Bale".

    "Ginger (Derwent) Coloured Pencil".

    Lots more where that came from. So. Much. More.

    Thanks (?) to @youngvulgarian.