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    19 Socially Awkward Situations For People Who Are Always Late

    Being on time is hard. We're very sorry, early people.

    1. When you're always late for work.

    And find someone "hotdesking" in your place once you get there.

    2. When you have a date, and show up sweating and out of breath because you had to sprint there.

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    3. When you have a job interview.

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    4. When you arrive at parties just as everyone else is leaving.

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    5. When you’re trying to catch a train.

    You get most of your exercise running desperately through train stations.

    6. When you actually get on the train and have to sit down next to someone while breathing heavily.

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    It's a look that says, "Hello, I'm weird and creepy."

    7. Also, when you have a plane to catch.

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    8. When you set your alarm extra early to make sure you're on time.

    Working Title / Via

    Then hit the snooze button so often you end up later than ever.

    9. When the excuse you had lined up about transport delays gets ruined by actual transport delays.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Dammit, don't be real, thing I was going to lie about!

    10. When you meet friends in a restaurant.

    Fox / Via

    And they’re halfway through the main course when you sit down.

    11. When you’re meeting a very punctual friend.

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    And you feel so guilty for letting them down. And you know that they are judging you.

    12. When you’re meeting another friend who’s always late.

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    And you both know the other one will be late, so you turn up even later than normal. Eventually you'll be so late you just never show up.

    13. When you miss crucial plot details in the first five minutes of every film.

    BBC / Via

    Thank god cinemas show 20 minutes of ads first.

    14. When you're always having to style out your lateness.

    Mentos / Via

    15. When your best friend is getting married.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    And you burst in after the wedding’s already begun and everybody thinks you’re trying to stop the ceremony.

    16. When your friends start lying to you about when they’re meeting in the hope you might be on time.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Hahaha lol NOPE.

    17. When you start worrying what the punctual people are plotting when you’re not there.

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    They must be up to something.

    18. When you really, really, really meant to be on time and you feel terrible but nobody believes you.

    The Island Def Jam Music Group / Via

    It's not your fault! Even if, technically, it probably is your fault.

    19. And when you actually arrive early for something and have NO idea what to do.

    FilmDistrict / Via

    Hang on... You mean I have to wait for people? This is SO UNFAIR.

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