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    Russia Booed Repeatedly By Eurovision Song Contest Audience

    Not a popular choice in Denmark.

    From the first set of votes in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest - when Azerbaijan gave them maximum points - the audience at the show in Copenhagen made clear their disapproval of Russia. / Via BBC/EBU

    This continued throughout the (usually strictly apolitical) show; any time the Russian act, 17-year-old twins the Tolmachevy Sisters, was awarded a significant number of points, large sections of the audience booed and heckled.

    The loudest and most sustained boos, however, were saved for when the Russian presenter read out the country's votes.

    Russia gave Ukraine seven points. Ukraine gave Russia four. Ukraine finished in sixth place, and Russia finished in seventh.

    In the end, the contest was won by Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst, whose acceptance speech dedicated the win to "peace and freedom".

    Wurst's presence in the competition had led one Russian lawmaker to call for a boycott of Eurovision, on the grounds that it was a “pan-European gay pride parade.”

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