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    48 Reasons You Should Never Leave Cornwall

    Come for the pile of stones. Stay for the other piles of stones.

    1. Once you've lived in Cornwall, you kind of expect everywhere to look like this.

    2. Or like this.

    3. Or this.

    4. You just don't get the views anywhere else.

    5. There's bits of history all over the place.

    6. And you never quite know what you'll find around the corner.

    7. The locals are friendly.

    8. Very friendly.

    9. Well, most of them, anyway.

    10. It's an easy place to lose yourself in.

    11. Because nowehere else looks quite like it.

    12. Because we bloody love a castle...

    13. ...whether they're big...

    14. ...or small.

    15. You'd miss the beaches...

    16. ...whether they're big...

    17. ...or small.

    18. You'd miss the cliffs.

    19. You'd miss the clear water.

    20. You'd miss the harbours.

    21. You would miss the PILES OF STONES.

    22. Because it's got an entire tropical jungle...

    23. ...hiding inside a sci-fi supervillain's lair.

    24. The buildings are pretty good too.

    25. Really.

    26. Even if some of them could do with a few repairs.

    27. The countryside's great, whether you're not out of the woods yet...

    28. ...or in a wide open space.

    29. BEACH DOGS!

    30. Commuting would never be quite the same if you left.

    31. Although it's true, sometimes the pressure of life just gets too much.

    32. But now you've got used to the bustling crowds.

    33. And the frenetic pace of life.

    34. But you can always wind down with friends after a hard day's work.

    35. The signposts are helpful.

    36. We take health and safety very seriously.

    37. There's the fact that the sunsets look like this.

    38. The evenings look like this.

    39. The landscape looks like this.

    40. Villages look like this.

    41. And the fact that this is what Christmas Eve looks like.

    42. Reminder about the piles of stones!

    43. Basically, you should never leave, because Cornwall always looks unique...

    44. ... whether it's spring....

    45. ...summer...

    46. ...autumn...

    47. ... or winter.

    48. And, let's face it, you just can't get proper pasties anywhere else.