24 Passive Aggressive Notes That Failed At Being Passive

This is basically just aggression, if we’re honest.

1. This food critic.

2. This music critic.

3. This person who does not mess about.

4. This person who does not respect their elders.

5. This motherly love.

6. This detailed advice.

7. This transport suggestion.

Flickr: evenflowdave / Creative Commons

8. This person of god.

9. This message from a pizza firm.

10. This person who is about to get a lot more angry.

12. Also this unhappy camper.

13. This person who uses the climate to their advantage.

15. This animal lover.

16. This person considering their options.

17. This neighbourly promise.

Was going to write a passive-aggressive note but decided to just go for aggressive instead

— expletive undeleted (@undeleted)

18. This forensic detective.

19. This person with a very active imagination.

20. This person who has Just. Had. Enough.

21. This polite notice.

22. This fond message on a leaving cake.

23. This entirely understandable reaction.

24. And this terrifying warning.

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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