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    Northampton Clown Claims Reign Of Terror Is Just "Harmless Fun"

    In an anonymous interview, the creepy clown haunting Northampton says he "just wanted to amuse people".

    The person behind the mysterious clown that has been stalking Northampton has given an exclusive interview to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, explaining the thinking behind his mysterious appearances.

    The clown - who gave the interview anonymously, wanting to keep his identity secret - said he could understand how his appearances might be frightening for some people, but defended his clowning as being intended to amuse people, not scare them.

    The clown told the Chronicle:

    Naturally, some people would have been extremely frightened by what they saw, but I hope many are starting to see it as a bit of harmless fun.

    The clown also admits to being a fan of Stephen King's IT, says he's been "amazed" by the amount of attention his activities have got from the media, and acknowledges that he's finding it more difficult to keep his identity a secret as his notoriety grows.

    However, he pledges to keep up his appearances as long as people are still interested in his nocturnal prowling. On his Facebook page, he promises that "I'll be seeing you all soon."

    In other news, there is also now a Northampton Clown Catcher, who has his own Facebook page dedicated to trying to hunt the clown down.

    "I am the official clown catcher. I am not here to scare anyone. I am not here to hurt anyone," he says, reassuringly.

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