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44 Medieval Beasts That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

They just can't. They simply cannot.

1. This griffin cannot handle it right now.

2. This basilisk just CAN'T with these snakes.

3. This ass cannot even.

4. This crocodile just wants it all to STOP.

5. This cat just...just CANNOT cope with this mouse.

6. This wingèd asp cannot cope with this man's book, not even a little bit.

7. This boar thought he had it under control but he did not.

8. This dragon has LITERALLY NOT ONE CLUE why everybody has frogs coming out of their mouths.

9. This basilisk is totally losing its shit with the ferret questioning its decision to murder that guy.

10. These cats have LITERALLY NO IDEA what they're doing any more.

11. This whale just realised it left the gas on and OH GOD.

12. This panther COMPLETELY FORGOT it had invited friends round for lunch.

13. This wolf has just had ENOUGH of today and wants it to be over.

14. This bear is just like "what now?" with this guy.

15. This bear is FREAKING OUT over these bagpipes.

16. This cat has had it RIGHT UP TO HERE with this stringed instrument.

17. This cat should NEVER have asked that donkey to join the band.

18. This centaur KNOWS what the mermaid is like when she's had a few drinks and doesn't know why he ever invited her to meet his friends.

19. This yale has completely run out of fucks to give.

20. This dragon is all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

21. This lion has totally lost it because of that tree.

22. This crocodile thinks it should have stayed in bed today.

23. This crocodile agrees.

24. This dragon-human hybrid is just "I am SO DONE with all this crap."

25. This dragon has NO GODDAMN IDEA why it has a king's head all of a sudden.

26. YEP, SAME.

27. "Ugh, knights." – this dragon

28. "Ugh, dragons." – this elephant

29. "Ugh, elephants." – this dragon

30. "No, but seriously, fuck dragons." – this elephant

31. Are you OK, griffin?

32. Horse, are you alright?

33. What's wrong, manticore?


35. Why are you using a pizza oven, rabbit?

36. Rabbit, are you pole-dancing?

37. This pard cannot handle ANY of this. It JUST...CAN...NOT.

38. NONE of this dragon's heads can cope with this.

39. This hedgehog SIMPLY CAN'T with the mole flying above it.

40. This owl has HAD IT with all these fucking tiny birds pecking its man-face.

41. "Nope." – this giraffe

42. This dog cannot even remember why it started chasing a goat across a page of heraldic symbols. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

43. These elephants just CANNOT with their big trumpet faces.

44. And this dragon is beginning to realise just how badly he's fucked all this up.