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    Katie Hopkins Effigy To Be Burned On Bonfire Night

    Attention-seeking town takes on attention-seeking person. Attention.

    An effigy of Katie Hopkins, every lazy TV show booker's favourite horrible person, will be burned on Guy Fawkes Night in the Kent town of Edenbridge.

    She has come out with silly remarks, so we thought why not? We had to come up with someone, so we thought about Katie.

    On their Facebook page, the society accuses Hopkins of trying "to be simply outrageous - as often and as publicly as she can possibly manage".

    It's not a new thing for Edenbridge - they do this every year. Last year they burned an effigy of Lance Armstrong.

    And in previous years they've set fire such notable figures as Katie Price, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, and Cherie Blair.

    In unsurprising news, all parties seem to be perfectly happy with this publicity generating strategy.

    Facebook: EdenbridgeBonfire

    This year's burning will take place on Saturday night.

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