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    International Women's Day Explained For Men

    What are women, and why should we care?

    Today is International Women's Day. If you're a man, it's possible you might have some questions about this!

    We're here to help! Let us explain:

    First up: What are women?

    But wait: Why do they need a whole day to themselves?

    But it turns out there are actually lots of Days! In April the UN will celebrate International Jazz Day, May gives us World Migratory Bird Day, and June has the International Day of Yoga.

    So if you just imagine that women are like migratory birds it makes more sense.

    When was the first International Women’s Day?

    What happens on International Women’s Day?

    Do you have any suggestions for things I could do to mark International Women’s Day?

    As a man, am I allowed to take part in International Women’s Day?

    OK, but what do women usually do on International Women's Day?

    I'd like some new things to give a shit about. What things can I give a shit about on International Women's Day?

    We're glad you asked! This is a great day of the year to give a shit about things.

    Here's a thing to give a shit about!

    Here's another thing to give a shit about!

    And here's another. That's four whole things to give a shit about today.

    If you'd like more things to give a shit about, and would like to give a shit on more days of the year, we recommend listening to women and also believing them.

    Do people get presents on International Women’s Day?

    Are there any traditional songs to sing on International Women’s Day?

    Are women angry at me? Why are women angry at me?

    Yeah, but when is International M