If Our Media Reported The Thing That Just Happened On “Game Of Thrones”

I can’t believe [SPOILER] [SPOILERED] [SPOILER]! Warning: SPOILERS!

HBO/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

2. TMZ breaks the news.

HBO/TMZ/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

3. The New York Times doesn’t over-dramatise things.

HBO/New York Times/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

4. The New York Post points the finger.

HBO/NY Post/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

5. The Sun is gleeful.

HBO/The Sun/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

6. Tumblr goes into meltdown, obviously.

HBO/Tumblr/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

7. News channels give it blanket coverage for days.

HBO/CNN/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

8. Conspiracy theories start circulating.

Twitter/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

9. BuzzFeed rounds up people’s reactions.

HBO/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

10. And the Daily Mail goes into full mourning.

HBO/Daily Mail/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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