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How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse

It's the end of the world as we know it.

In early 2014, a series of devastating catastrophes bring about Armageddon. Papers of record like the New York Times soberly report this news.

The Guardian tries to provide comprehensive live coverage of the end of days.

Striving for balance, the BBC makes sure it also gives airtime to the views of the radioactive mutant zombies:

The Daily Mail saw all this coming.

The Washington Post digs into the data.

Meanwhile, on the cable channels, Fox News is pretty sure it knows who to blame...

...while MSNBC is pretty sure it knows who to blame.

Reddit gets to work...

...but results are mixed.

There is brief hope, as The Times of London works out how to make it through alive.

Of course, there's still plenty of celebrity news to keep people occupied.

As always, Twitter is an up-to-date and reliable source of information.

While Instagram is mostly #undeadselfies and asteroid sunsets.

Some sites try to find a fresh, thought-provoking angle on the news.

Others look for a positive message amidst the gloom.

And others mostly just criticise everybody else's reaction to the end of the world.

Local newspapers focus on how the apocalypse is affecting their area.

And for the few who have escaped the initial slaughter, thoughts turn to long-term survival.

Some things stay reassuringly familiar throughout the horror, though. For example, the "Shipping Forecast" is still broadcast on BBC Radio 4...

...and naturally, NPR goes on a pledge drive.

BuzzFeed is basically still BuzzFeed...

...while the Daily Express continues to focus on the really important issues.