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Here's Who Spotify Thinks Is Going To Win Eurovision

Which song is getting streamed the most?

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The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Denmark this week, prompting the usual speculation about who's going to win and who'll get nul points. So we thought we'd try to cheat.

Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Rather than analysing voting patterns or pondering political blocs, we thought we'd see which Eurovision entries are actually most popular with the listening public.

We asked Spotify which artists have been played the most in advance of the contest (every track in the competition is available on the streaming service). It's not an infallible prediction of who will win (for a start, professional juries make up 50% of the final marks, not just the voting public) but we think it might be a pretty good guide. Here's the list, running from most popular to least popular.

(Note – this list excludes streams from each artist's home country, so it should be fairly immune to being skewed towards countries with a large Spotify user-base.)

1. Denmark – Basim, "Cliché Love Song"

Thomas Fryd / Via

If Spotify is any guide, hosts Denmark could be heading for their second win in a row. Anis Basim Moujahid's self-penned "pop song with a hint of soul and R&B" is the most streamed song in advance of the contest - although of course, that could simply be down to curiosity about what the hosts are up to, so maybe don't put all your money on Denmark just yet.

2. Armenia – Aram MP3, "Not Alone"

Arnos Martirosyan / Via

"This badly-lit corridor is SO WIDE!" - this guy.

(Armenia have been fairly consistently strong performers over the past few years without ever winning, and the bookies agree that Mr. MP3 has a strong chance of coming first.)


9. Azerbaijan – Dilara Kazimova, "Start A Fire"

Sergey Illin / Via

Perenial overachievers Azerbaijan (they've got the highest points average of any regular contestants in the modern era) could be in with a shout again, which hopefully might mean Dilara Kazimova could afford a second coat of paint for that screen.

And here are the rest, in order:

11.Elaiza, "Is It Right" - Germany

12.Can-Linn, "Heartbeat" - Ireland

13.Mariya Yaremchuk, "Tick" - Tock" - Ukraine

14.Andras Kallay Saunders, "Running" - Hungary

15.Emma Marrone, "La Mia Città" - Italy

16.Teo, "Cheesecake" - Belarus

17.Sanna Nielsen, "Undo" - Sweden

18.Tanja, "Amazing" - Estonia

19.Softengine, "Something Better" - Finland

20.Tinkara Kovač, "Round And Round" - Slovenia

21.Sebalter, "Hunter Of Stars" - Switzerland

22.Paula Seling, "Miracle" - Romania

23.Axel Hirsoux, "Mother" - Belgium

24.FireLight, "Coming Home" - Malta

25.Aarzemnieki, "Cake To Bake" - Latvia

26.Donatan & Cleo, "My Slowianie" - We Are Slavic" - Poland

27.Suzy, "Quero Ser Tua" - Portugal

28.Sergej Cetkovic, "Moj Svijet" - Montenegro

29.Ruth Lorenzo, "Dancing In The Rain" - Spain

30.Pollapönk, "No Prejudice" - Iceland

31.The Shin and Mariko, "Three Minutes To Earth" - Georgia

32.Tijana, "To The Sky" - F.Y.R. Macedonia

33.The Common Linnets, "Calm After The Storm" - The Netherlands

34.Christina Scarlat, "Wild Soul" - Moldova

35.Vilija Matačiūnaitė, "Attention" - Lithuania

36.Tolmachevy Sisters, "Shine" - Russia

37.Valentina Monetta, "Maybe (Forse)" - San Marino

You can listen to every track here: