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    22 Times Brands On Twitter Had Something To Say About The Royal Baby

    Well done #brands!

    1. The arrival of the royal baby could only mean one thing: lots of #RoyalBaby tweets from brands! Yay!

    Prepare the carriage and 600 horses, HRH the Princess of Cambridge has arrived! #GTR #NISMO #RoyalBaby

    2. Social media managers across the country fought valiantly to make the birth of a small posh child somehow relate to their product.

    Babies are cute, small and loud, just like the #BeatsPill. #RoyalBaby

    3. Congratulations to Aquaphor Healing Ointment for being the only brand to explicitly focus on the young princess's buttocks.

    4. Lots of brands took the "yeah, just have a picture of our product with, like, pink baby stuff" approach.

    Bundle of joy, welcome to the world #RoyalBaby! #liveyoung

    5. Really, lots of them.

    Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge, who has given birth to a baby girl! #RoyalBaby

    6. There was so much pink.

    Another little star joins the family, congratulations it's a girl. #RoyalBaby

    7. "Will this do?" "Looks fine to me."

    For extra added softness fit for a #RoyalBaby ...

    8. "Yeah, Barry, how about we just stick some crowns on things?..."

    Huge congratulations from one family of four to another! #RoyalBaby

    9. "...Yeah like it mate nice one."

    One can't wait to babysit the new little Princess - toast all round! #RoyalBaby

    10. Tesco win the award for shoehorning a picture of some potatoes into their tweet.

    Kate and Wills, don’t forget, our aisles are packed with #RoyalBaby name inspiration.

    11. M&S was just confusing until you realised that they're suggesting that Percy Pigs breed, which is kind of horrifying.

    From one new set of parents to another, congratulations on your bundle of joy! #RoyalBaby

    12. While Morrisons and Lidl had a diagreement about which supermarket Kate and Wills will buy their nappies at.

    Congratulations to Will and Kate. We've got what you need if you're popping by -

    13. Clue: probably not at Morrisons or Lidl.

    Helping with royal duties. #RoyalBaby

    14. Aston Villa are clearly hoping that William passes on his football loyalties to his daughter...

    #RoyalBaby: Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. #AVFC #BabyVillan

    15. ...although Paris Saint-Germain seem like they're trying to start a fight?

    Welcome your highness, instead of the London teams, pick the one that will rule your era #RoyalBaby

    16. Walkers Crisps did a Vine. A baffling Vine.

    17. Warburtons: picture of some toast.

    Let’s toast to the new royal arrival! #RaiseaToast #RoyalBaby

    18. Bookies went for lookalikes...

    Everyone's rushing to get their bets on @Coral for the #RoyalBaby name!

    19. ...or completely seamless Photoshopping.

    Ah… that’s lovely. Great granddad Phillip is first up to meet the latest arrival. And he brought presents! #RoyalBaby

    20. Barbour probably get a pass for actually being a thing royal humans wear.

    Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on welcoming a baby girl to their family. #RoyalBaby

    21. Dominos went for the "commemorative plate, but made of cardboard" approach.

    Congrats Wills and Kate! Your commemorative Royal pizza box awaits #RoyalBaby

    22. But really, only Pizza Express nailed it.

    GO GO GO! Fresh out the oven, this #RoyalBaby (pizza) is a bundle of pizzery-joy (sorry). Congrats!

    A+++ work, would retweet again.