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Here Are The Most Googled Party Leaders In Each UK Constituency

Before Britain goes to the polls, they've been googling the party leaders. And Nigel Farage is proving popular.

This is a map showing which party leader was the most googled in every constituency in the UK over the past 12 months.

Google Data Labs / Alasdair Rae

The overall winner is prime minister David Cameron (not unexpectedly), who was the most googled leader in 237 constituencies.

But Nigel Farage has a very strong showing in second place, with 221 constituencies, probably reflecting his regular presence in the British media over the past year. Ed Miliband is a long way behind in third, on 125.

Nicola Sturgeon (who only became first minister and leader of the SNP in November) was most googled in 43 seats – several of which are outside of Scotland, including home secretary Theresa May's seat of Maidenhead.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg only comes out on top in 17 seats, Green leader Natalie Bennett wins in 3, while Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood comes top in one (which, bafflingly, isn't even in Wales – it's Durham North.)

Here's a close-up look at London, where Ed Miliband dominates in the centre, with a streak of Cameron running through it, and Farage doing better on the outskirts.

The map was created by the Google News Labs team with Dr Alasdair Rae, senior lecturer in urban studies and planning at the University of Sheffield.

Simon Rogers, data editor at Google News Labs, said: "We used Google's Knowledge graph technology to look for the most-searched party leader in over 5,000 towns and cities across the UK and aggregated those to establish which leader was most-searched in each city."

Here's a close-up of Northern Ireland.

And here's the northwest, where some key marginal constituencies are.