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Would You Rather Have Food Or Sex?

It's an important choice.

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  1. 1. What would you rather have?

    Marili Forastieri/Thinkstock
  2. 2. Which do you want more?

  3. 3. Which sounds better to you right now?

  4. 4. Choose the thing that sounds best.

  5. 5. Pick one.

  6. 6. If you could only have one of these, which would you go for?

    Ron Chapple Stock/Thinkstock
  7. 7. What is better?

  8. 8. Which of these could you go for right about now?

    Ron Chapple Stock/Thinkstock
  9. 9. Choose.

  10. 10. What's more appealing?

    Dynamic Graphics/Thinkstock
  11. 11. One or the other.

    Digital Vision/Thinkstock
  12. 12. Which would satisfy you more?

  13. 13. What are you desperate for?

  14. 14. Which do you need most right this minute?

    Ron Chapple Stock/Thinkstock

Would You Rather Have Food Or Sex?

You got: You prefer food to sex

You know where your heart really lies. Sex can be fun, but it is also a lot of hassle and sometimes kind of gross. Food, however, is always glorious. Food will not let you down. Food satisfies you on a level no lover ever could. You are entirely correct about this.

You prefer food to sex
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You got: You prefer sex to food

You are a big fan of sex! Yes, food is tasty and keeps you alive and all that, but sex is what you really live for. While we can all appreciate a nice pizza, it can't really live up to a proper sexing. That said, are you sure you don't fancy a sandwich right now?

You prefer sex to food
Marili Forastieri/Thinkstock
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