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55 Song Titles Where We've Replaced The Word "Love" With "Gove" Because We're Very Tired

Stop! In The Name Of Gove.

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1. Gove Is All Around

2. Are You Ready For Gove?

3. All You Need Is Gove

4. Gove Machine

5. Crazy Little Thing Called Gove

6. Can You Feel The Gove Tonight

7. I’d Do Anything For Gove (But I Won’t Do That)

8. Gove Is The Drug

9. Fight For This Gove

10. The Power Of Gove

11. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Gove, Babe

12. My Gove Is Your Gove

13. Gove Me Like You Do

14. Drunk In Gove

15. Gove Will Tear Us Apart

16. Where Is The Gove?

17. A Groovy Kind Of Gove

18. I Believe In A Thing Called Gove


20. Baby Gove

21. Computer Gove

22. Hot Gove

23. Tainted Gove

24. Gove In An Elevator

25. Why Do Fools Fall In Gove

26. Can’t Buy Me Gove

27. I Feel Gove

28. I Want To Know What Gove Is

29. Gove Can Build A Bridge

30. Under The Moon Of Gove

31. Sunshine Of Your Gove

32. How Deep Is Your Gove

33. Caravan Of Gove

34. Bleeding Gove

35. Higher Gove

36. When Gove Takes Over

37. We Found Gove

38. Crazy Stupid Gove

39. Let Me Gove You (Until You Learn To Gove Yourself)

41. Gove On Top

42. Skinny Gove

43. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Gove)

44. Bizarre Gove Triangle

45. Gove Is A Many Splendored Thing

46. Greatest Gove Of All

47. You Can’t Hurry Gove

48. Prisoner Of Gove

49. Stop! In The Name Of Gove

50. (Gove Is) Thicker Than Water

51. Gove Bites

52. Gove Spreads

53. Gove In This Club

54. Whole Lotta Gove

55. Endless Gove