The 8 Kinds Of Sassy Bat You Meet In A Nightclub

If you turn upside-down bats upside down, they are party animals.

1. So, hanging bats turned upside-down look like they’re having a dance-off.



When you flip a picture of bats hanging upside down they become exceptionally sassier. #truestory

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Here are the other kinds of bat you find in a nightclub.

3. There are the bats who live for the dancefloor.

Flickr: slmatthews / Creative Commons

4. The bat who knows all the dance moves. / Creative Commons

5. The bats who are propping up the bar, checking everybody out.


“Eleven o’clock. Eight out of ten.”

6. The bat who has his eye on you.

Flickr: tambako / Creative Commons


7. The shy indie bat.

Flickr: sheeshoo / Creative Commons

“I’m right over here , why can’t you see me… I keep dancing on my own.”

8. The bats who put their hands in the air like they just don’t care.


“Whooaaaaaa, we’re halfway there…”

9. The strung-out bat who is all up in your face.


Dude. Respect the personal space.

10. And the bat whose friends are all: “Barry, mate, you’ve had enough to drink now. Barry. Stop it, Barry. Barry, I’m serious. BARRY.”

Flickr: littlebiglens / Creative Commons


Flickr: slmatthews / Creative Commons

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