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22 Words That Take On A Whole New Meaning In Cornwall

"Proper job."

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4. "Foreigner"

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What it usually means: Somebody from another country.

What it means in Cornwall: Somebody from a different part of the same country. Possibly from the next village over.


6. "Directly"

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What it usually means: With stopping or changing direction; immediately.

What it means in Cornwall: Something will happen at some time, maybe. e.g. "See you dreckly."

7. "Traffic"

What it usually means: Large numbers of cars on the road.

What it means in Cornwall: Large numbers of cows on the road.


13. "Jumping"


What it usually means: Propelling yourself into the air with your legs.

What it means in Cornwall: Being really pissed off. e.g. "I couldn't believe 'e said that, I was jumping."