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    A Brief History Of Fake Memorial Plaques

    In memory of Roger Bucklesby, who hated this park and everyone in it. Please, somebody make some funny signs that are real. Updated: we found it!

    This is the best park bench memorial plaque ever.

    I was walking through London and came across this bench



    I was walking through London and came across this bench

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    Except it's got to be Photoshopped, right? On the grounds that a) nobody else on the internet has ever seen this plaque that's supposedly in a public place in a city with a population of 8 million, b) we can't find anybody with the surname "Bucklesby" on the electoral roll, or anywhere else really, and c) just look at it, the text doesn't even line up with the edges of the plaque properly.


    Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

    It's both real and fake at the same time. Read the full story behind it here.

    In general, the rule is "all funny plaques are fake." Like this one, which isn't real. But is funny.

    The history of the Devenish-Phibbs family. Also fake.

    The ongoing efforts of 102-year-old Croy Devenish-Phibbs to trace plaques commemorating his relatives were a rather protracted, but fun, hoax.

    This plaque is real. Jacob Von Hogflume, sadly, is not.

    Flickr: 28538835@N05

    Mr. Von Hogflume was invented by Dave Askwith and Alex Normanton for their book of spoof signs.

    At last — this one's real! (It's just off Princes Street in Edinburgh).

    @RyLee89 @JudithRosalind I took this in Edinburgh today.



    @RyLee89 @JudithRosalind I took this in Edinburgh today.


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    Well done, J.C.H. (who was often tired).

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